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The Usefulness of Weld-On 31 in Utility Access Assemblies


Weld-On 31 in use with ABS plastic parts at B&T


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As a manufacturer of easy, safe, and secure underground utility access, Bingham & Taylor strives to meet the highest level of performance consistency and reliability. In their Virginia manufacturing facilities, B&T produces cast iron, injection molded and blow molded plastic components for meter pits, curb boxes and valve boxes built to withstand the harshest of outdoor conditions. Both the water and natural gas industries depend on B&T products to deliver life-sustaining services day in and day out to millions of people throughout North America.

B&T has made a commitment to making the highest quality products while also balancing the need for speedy production times to meet market demand. They were looking for a way to improve the attachment of ABS plastic to cast iron parts. Traditionally, this is a time consuming, two-part process of drilling holes into plastic and cast iron components and then riveting them together.

B&T explored options to increase the strength and durability of the combined cast iron and ABS plastic part. The proper adhesive can spread the load bearing force over a larger area, thereby providing a more continuous, stronger bond. Additionally, adhesive acts as a water-tight seal which will not rust or leak. This also potentially reduces added costs for waterproofing that may be needed between the two housings.

Bingham & Taylor had considered making the switch from drilling and riveting to adhesives a few years ago and decided against it based on differences in cost of supplies. However, Mike Latham, Director of Product Engineering and Design at Bingham & Taylor, noted, “revisiting the idea of using Weld-On 31 adhesive with a full cost analysis of the drilling and riveting operation easily demonstrated savings in labor and increased manufacturing efficiencies due to the speed of application and curing time of Weld-On 31.”

Mike Latham added, “Making the change to Weld-On 31 adhesives has increased production efficiency and improved product quality. With these gains, switching to Weld-On 31 has been an excellent production decision.”

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