46C A Clear Hit for AGI and Post Malone’s Raising Cane’s


Post Malone prising the build as he points to the start the welcomes diners to the drive through of his Dallas Cowboys themed Raising Cane's location.




Dallas, Texas

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 AGI has been a national fabricator of interior and exterior signage and displays for some of the biggest brands in the world for over 50 years, having worked with Walmart, Walgreens, Truist, national car brands, and much more. They’ve been using Weld-On Sign & Display products to help them go the extra mile and deliver a quality product they know they can stand by. They also pride themselves on working with clients to think outside the box–even when that box is a two story star, and the client is award-winning rapper and song writer, Post Malone.

The rapper recently opened a Dallas Cowboy’s themed Raising Cane’s franchise location with AGI working against a tight deadline to make its signage–inside and out–look good and shine bright for the grand opening. “It was quite a spectacular finish for a customer critical program on a hyper compressed timeline,” said Charles Schenk, VP of Engineering for AGI.

Schenk worked with Weld-On distributor, Davis Marketing, to get the product to the job site in real time and get the job done, including last minute fixes as the grand opening deadline drew near.

“We used Weld-On 46c to fix several areas on the star polycarbonate corners in the field,” Schenk said. “This product worked flawlessly. We also developed a way to construct 1” push thru acrylic within a polycarbonate face as part of this site on all the wall signs. The customer loved the seamless look and this is all held together with Weld-On 46c. No other fastening system would be optically clear enough for this application.” 

Weld-On 46C’s strong, clear adhesive is a game changer when it comes to bonding trim cap to polycarbonate lettering, as well as, metal to acrylic or acrylic to acrylic applications. Because it has a translucent cure, no bond lines show through when the sign or display is back lit. 

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